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Tapping into your ‘Higher Self’


Tapping into your 'Higher Self' tsOQJM4

Are we currently just an individual having a individuality? In my perception, we are much more compared to that. Each one of us comes with a greater aspect. This aspect has been typically called the greater Self. When I'm not wrong, others also have called it.

Who and what's the Self? In my experience, the greater Self may be the intellect and intellect part of our self. Ironically, the greater Self is unbiased and does not need a'sense of self' like the way. It functions as a aspect for ego or your own personality.

Can this self be contacted? An average of and Certainly it is done by way of meditation or even clairvoyant some other altered states of consciousness.

Just a bit about me personally. Straight back at the late nineties I found out that if I'm thinking about a subject that's obviously a spiritual inquiry, I will sometimes receive. The visions are symbolic. By impulsing symbols and fantasies which shape messages into my own awareness Greater self will communicate.

An example of such transmissions:

I was contemplating around the nature of the cycle of reincarnation. Will souls be forever looped within the world that is decrease? (According to a lot of Eastern Beliefs, be-ings who had not attained enlightenment will be captured in a vicious circle of perpetual arrival and rebirth.) Unexpectedly , out of nowhere, I obtained a transmission from outside my mind. It arrived like an'deal'… as a burst of images/symbols and moods. Fairly divide second impressions. The bundle deal did actually be received from my brain's right hemisphere. Until I drop it my mind instinctively attempted to translate the transmission. How do tarot I know it was not my imagination? Very well, to begin with I don't think in graphics. Second, the images that were transmitted performed 'dual-split' for my own understanding. That is, the graphics are overlaying my visual perception of this surroundings around me. Effectively, a'dual-split' in understanding is certainly!

The vision was set towards a light blue background. You will find rings or rings of a lighter shade relocating toward a level. I think I might'd lose some details, Considering that the transmission has been really quick. Here's my own interpretation. Please understand it had been. As such I can never be sure Regarding the Validity of my interpretation:

"The transmission is currently wanting to correct errors or rather incompleteness in my own understanding of the strategy of things. The cycle of reincarnation is never designed to continue. Finally everything will reunite to the Foundation or essence."

Well, that transmission has been many years ago. My perception on such matter has been refined since then. However, the transmission had been appropriate (in some level of comprehending ) at the time.

Over time, those vision broadcasts from Greater Self, along with Enlightened bodily Teachers' assistance, have served me to understand the dynamics consciousness and the world .

Thank you.

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